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Native name
Indie Group
Founded 23 September 2008; 12 years ago (2008-09-23)
Founder Rojas Bros
Headquarters Orlando, USA
Area served
Key people
Website kudori.com

Created on 01 January 2008 by Rojas Bros, Tayronia is the oldest creation of Kudori, it has his first animation in 2008, its first comic in 90's, it is about Feke and his mother Moksy who is kind of psychopath, she overreact to all situations, Tayronia is where they live, is a utopia of a town who conserves ancient traditions and culture with a modern influence, all this thanks to an impressive archaeological discover that gives to that people a strong sense of self identity, but any of this changes the personality of any of the characters.



Moksy is the Feke's mom, whose personality is very explosive and erratic, she is usually very intimidating, mainly because it is threatening and the probability of doing some violent act is very high. She does not have clear goals in his life, that is why she's never seen in a stable job.


Feke is the Moksy's son, he is a very educated and smart little boy when he is with his mother, but when she is not there, he is a lazy and impolite child, which he learned from his mother, but he is afraid of his mother and that's why he behaves well with her.


Jusarika is a primary school teacher, she is one of those who dictate all the subjects, languages, mathematics, ethics, and many others. She is a very well prepared teacher, and her biggest headache is Feke, which is lazy and rude, which makes her react in unorthodox ways.


Mayabot is an experimental robot of a multinational corporation, which is left with Moksy in exchange for the promotion of his company, since Moksy owns a very popular tourist place. This robot is designed as a butler, but Moksy not being used to that kind of services, ends up putting Mayabot in situations for which it has not been designed.


Baconso is the drunken father of Moksy, a disgusting and arrogant person in his ignorance, Moksy has always fled from him as one fleeing a plague, Feke there was never known him, and know it will not be a pleasant surprise.