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Kudori character
Feke making a weird face
Voiced by Antonio Rojas
Gender Male
Occupation Elementary Student at Tayronia Elementary, former kindergarten student
Relatives Parents: Moksy
Grandparents: Fat Bakonso
(see also: Tayronia Universe)
First appearance
Tayronia "Feke goes to school" (2008)

Yupakan is an animated youtuber, who appeared in 13 august 2016, the first Kudori's animated character who interact with the viewers, the Kudori's creator had some ideas for video blogs, so that is why they decide to create Yupakan, He has many design changes, and many avatars.

Feke is a student with serious problem of attention, and usually bullied by his teachers at Tayronia Elementary. Is one of the most influential characters in the Tayronia Universe (because they are only 2), and is widely considered to be an annoying brat.

Video Games

Screenshot of Feke Wings for Android, a game that is supposed to be launched soon

A lot of efforts have been done for the Kudori group to bring Feke to a video-game, but his lack of budget has been delaying the project for years. However a Flash version was almost completed, but due of the deprecation of Adobe Player, that game is no more.