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Kudori Co., Ltd.
Native name
Indie Group
Founded 23 September 2012; 6 years ago (2012-09-23)
Founder Rojas Bros
Headquarters Orlando, USA
Area served
Key people

Kudori Creations is an indie studio and video game group founded somewhere in America (including south).

Founded on 23 September 2012 by Rojas Bros, it originally produced flash Animations, but nobody seems interested in those. Then decide to jump into the video-game where they saw a brighter future.


2010: Moksy and Feke era

Kudori's first attempt on animation

Kudori tried something of animation, I don't remember the details.

2011: King Yoochu

Yoochu animation, despite the good work done on this, popularity was zero

In 2011 they made a Yoochu animation, great historical staff.

2012: Going back to games

Feke Wings Flash was the first attempt to release a finished game, but everyone hates Adobe Flash now

Kudori's first venture into the video gaming industry was trying to make Flash game so they can published in Facebook, however the Flash empire collapse, due to a coalition of companies that pushed for HTML5.

2018: Android game at last

The Yoochu Dinasty was Kudori's first attempt to show their animation to the world.

In 2018 they said, enough is enough, before dying we are going to publish at least one game.

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